Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plants in my house

Why do I love these plants in my office, in my kitchen, everywhere in my house? When I came to Quebec, I brought my love for plants in my heart. I had a beautiful winter garden in my house in Brazil, and the first thing I bought for my house in Montreal was some plants. We still have some of them now. They are almost a part of our family. 

Of course, it’s not easy to have tropical plants here. In summer, they like the beautiful sun and the hot weather. But, in autumn I’m always stressed. I take care of all my lovely plants, and always, I cry for some of them who didn't like the changes. It’s so sad.

But, what a beautiful experience seeing the autumn flowers come. They embellish the house, and they are the support we need to have when the days are not so pleasant as we would like.

Thanks to every one of my babies, even when they don’t have flowers, even when they say to me that is so difficult to live when the sun is so winterish, when the days are so short… Yes, I agree, but we are together in the fight for happiness. 

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